How to build your business in an age of automation

In an age when automation is creeping into the workplace, it’s important to build a business that is more efficient and productive, says Adam J. Schwartz, author of The Lean Startup.The Lean Startup series is published by HarperCollins.Share this story on Facebook Share this event on Facebook The American Conservatives is a weekly podcast hostedRead More

“A4D’s Digital Marketing Director”

A4D Digital Marketing has a new digital marketing director, according to the company’s CEO and cofounder.A4d CEO Chris Kostecki shared the news on Twitter, where he shared a few photos of his new digital director and his responsibilities.A4d’s new Digital Marketing director is a former senior marketing director at digital agency L’Auberge.Kostecky added that theRead More

What to know about the digital marketing industry

The digital marketing sector has been growing at a rapid rate in recent years, and the number of companies offering digital marketing services has also skyrocketed.But with so many options available for users to choose from, it can be challenging to know what is best for your business.To help users find the best digital marketingRead More

Why I hate being told how to design a website

The internet is full of stories about designers and businesses that have tried to make their sites look great by making use of Adobe Photoshop.But how to get the right look, how to do it right and what is the best way to do so are also on the minds of many people.One of theRead More

CPI Digital Marketing: A4D Marketing

Digital marketing, the online marketing industry, is expanding rapidly across the world.CPI is proud to have over 300,000 digital marketing professionals globally, and we’ve made significant investments in digital marketing technology in Orlando and other major markets.This year, we have also been working with our digital marketing clients to develop our own solutions and capabilities.InRead More

How to make $200,000 a year from digital marketing

By Sarah O’Brien | Next”I’m making $200k a year selling digital marketing, and I think I should get paid.I think this will be a good investment.I’m getting paid to help grow the digital world.”What do you think about digital marketing?Do you know anyone who does?Share your thoughts in the comments below.Source Next Big Futures

How to get started with Digital Marketing automation

Digital marketing automation is a powerful tool that can help you drive revenue growth and deliver quality content for your digital advertising campaigns.With this article, we’ll explain how to get start using it.1.How to set up Digital Marketing Automation (DMA) in your companyDigital marketing automation can help drive revenue by increasing conversions, getting leads, andRead More

How to Become an Online Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is the leader of a digital marketing campaign.It’s also the most expensive job in the industry.Here’s how to get a head start in this new digital career.Read moreCompanies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all trying to compete with the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and Google, which have been able toRead More