3 ways to boost your digital marketing team

The number of people who are making and managing digital marketing is growing exponentially and is being increasingly commoditized.However, the challenges of managing a growing digital marketing operation can become even more daunting for organizations that don’t have the resources to effectively build and manage a digital marketing organization.To address these challenges, we’ve compiled aRead More

How to use social media to win at the game of life

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the concept of “gamification” in social media marketing is changing how people engage with digital marketing.And that’s important because it means that when we want to drive revenue from our digital business, we need to understand exactly what we are doing and how it will translate intoRead More

What’s next for ESPN digital?

Sarasota Digital has been working on a plan to monetize the ESPN digital experience.As part of the plan, ESPN will begin to sell content through ESPN-branded sites such as Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN.com in 2018, the company said on Wednesday.The plan will also allow ESPN to build its own digital platform that willRead More

How to sell your digital content to an Australian audience without making any money from it

Aussie online retailer Sarasota Digital has developed a unique way of selling digital content without making a profit.¬†Sarasota’s online sales model has been developed in-house and has been adopted by more than 100 companies in Australia.¬†“We have done the research and built a platform where we can be profitable,” Mr Scott says.“We have built aRead More