How to Use Google Analytics and Digital Marketing Dashboard to Grow Your Business

By adding more metrics, Google Analytics can help you find your customers and drive sales.You can also use digital marketing dashboard to analyze and optimize your online advertising.And if you want to build your own digital marketing platform, here’s how.1.Use Google Adwords to Find Your Customers, Analyze Your Brand and Grow Your BrandWebsite: GoogleRead More

Hawaii Digital Marketing: What You Need to Know

The Hawaiian Digital Marketing Association (HDMA) recently held a panel discussion in Honolulu to help attendees learn about the state’s digital marketing landscape.HDMA president and CEO Joe McBride spoke about how the state is working to expand the digital market to attract and retain digital professionals.He shared some of the challenges that digital marketers areRead More

How to Get Paid for Online Music Streaming

Digital music is one of the most popular formats to monetize, but it also has some tricky business realities.In the digital music business, digital artists can’t make a living if they’re paid for streaming, because Spotify pays artists for every song they stream.The same applies to digital videos, which also can’t be made a livingRead More