How to create a boomcycle Instagram account from scratch

This is an article from MTV News that covers boomcycle, a digital marketing platform for Instagram users.The article explains how boomcycle works, why it is worth investing in, and what you can expect to see when you sign up for an account.The boomcycle site has over 1 million followers.Boomcycle was founded in 2010 by AdamRead More

How to use social media to win at the game of life

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the concept of “gamification” in social media marketing is changing how people engage with digital marketing.And that’s important because it means that when we want to drive revenue from our digital business, we need to understand exactly what we are doing and how it will translate intoRead More

Digital Media Marketing: Part 3 – How to Get Started

Digital media marketing can be tricky for those new to the industry, but with the right strategy and training, digital marketing can quickly become the best way to reach your audience.To help you learn more about digital media, I’ve put together a short video series that will give you a quick primer on what digitalRead More

Which platforms are you using to get paid for content? – Aaj Taketu

Digital marketing company Aaj Tamu has been providing digital marketing solutions to large brands and large companies for the last 5 years.Now they have partnered with Viacom to make the service available to Viacomo subscribers.The platform is aimed at providing the channels owners with the ability to monetize their content more efficiently.Digital marketing companies, includingRead More