How to drive engagement through video and video ads

Digital marketing video has become a key tool for building engagement, says Brian Dabrowski, co-founder and CEO of Dabricks.In a recent interview, Dabbsky outlined some of the techniques that can help drive engagement in digital marketing.“If you have something that’s going to be seen a lot, it’s important to put it out there.And the wayRead More

How to Get Paid for Online Music Streaming

Digital music is one of the most popular formats to monetize, but it also has some tricky business realities.In the digital music business, digital artists can’t make a living if they’re paid for streaming, because Spotify pays artists for every song they stream.The same applies to digital videos, which also can’t be made a livingRead More

How to Use Digital Marketing to Get More Fans

Digital marketing is a new concept in hockey and for many, the concept has never really been tried before.But with so many NHL players going digital, it has the potential to transform how fans experience their favorite team.With a plethora of digital marketing opportunities to promote a player or organization, the goal of this articleRead More