How to get paid for your digital marketing work

You can’t just pay someone for a job and expect them to come to you.If you’re hiring someone for their digital marketing role, there are a few things you should be thinking about.1.How will you handle the pay and benefits?It’s important to make sure you’re paying people for their work.This will ensure they’re not makingRead More

Which digital marketing platform to use?

Digital marketing is a growing area of growth in India and globally, according to the latest analytics from Digital Marketing Trends.According to the research firm, there are now 2.5 billion active users on the platform and it’s growing by nearly a billion per year.The report notes that it was one of the fastest growing marketsRead More

Why I Don’t Use Digital Marketing Reports: How I Can Improve My Digital Marketing Career

The best digital marketing report can make or break your digital marketing career. I can’t stress this enough.If you’re looking for the definitive guide to getting the most out of digital marketing, this guide will help. You’ll learn: How to get the most from a digital marketing survey.What’s a good digital marketing analytics report? Which marketing analytics toolRead More