When a tech company says it’s going to make $100 million, they’re going to spend $1.3 billion on marketing

Apple, Google, and Amazon are all huge spenders in digital marketing.Apple is now the most successful digital marketing company in the world, with nearly $1 billion in revenue.Google is second, at $1,926 million.Amazon, third, at nearly $979 million.But Amazon, Amazon, and Google are not alone.Over the past few years, tech companies have taken a lotRead More

How to make $200,000 a year from digital marketing

By Sarah O’Brien | Next BigFuture.com”I’m making $200k a year selling digital marketing, and I think I should get paid.I think this will be a good investment.I’m getting paid to help grow the digital world.”What do you think about digital marketing?Do you know anyone who does?Share your thoughts in the comments below.Source Next Big Futures

Which brand has been the most successful in digital marketing?

digital marketing means marketing and advertising that involves digital means, digital means (or, digital products and services), digital means of content (or other digital content) and digital means.Digital marketing means a range of marketing and ad campaigns that use digital means to sell, promote, market, distribute or display digital products or services.It also means digitalRead More