What to expect in Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing expert and digital marketing specialist David Burt runs the Digital Marketing Research Group at Digital Marketing Australia.David Burt’s research has focused on the role digital marketing can play in Australia’s future.“In 2020, we expect the market for digital marketing to be worth $9.5 billion, with the majority of that coming from mobile andRead More

Digital Media Marketing: Part 3 – How to Get Started

Digital media marketing can be tricky for those new to the industry, but with the right strategy and training, digital marketing can quickly become the best way to reach your audience.To help you learn more about digital media, I’ve put together a short video series that will give you a quick primer on what digitalRead More

How to market to digital media users in your local area

Digital marketing websites and digital signage market companies have been in business for decades, and digital marketing ppgs are now bigger than ever.This article explores some of the advantages and pitfalls of these digital marketing sites.Digital marketing is booming as the demand for new digital products and services is greater than ever, but there areRead More