How to create a boomcycle Instagram account from scratch

This is an article from MTV News that covers boomcycle, a digital marketing platform for Instagram users.The article explains how boomcycle works, why it is worth investing in, and what you can expect to see when you sign up for an account.The boomcycle site has over 1 million followers.Boomcycle was founded in 2010 by AdamRead More

How to build a b2B digital marketing newsletter from scratch

There are several ways to build your first digital marketing mailing list, and some of the more popular ones involve writing your own newsletter, emailing out your newsletter, or just sending out your first newsletter.We’ll take a look at all three of these options.1.Write your own b2ba newsletter (or just a copy of one)Before youRead More

How to build a digital marketing magazine

BANGKOK, Thailand — In a small city tucked into the hills of Thailand’s west, a young couple with two young children are busy putting together a digital-only marketing magazine.They’re doing it on a shoestring, borrowing money from their friends to buy the print edition of their local newspaper and putting it online.The print edition, whichRead More

How to sell online with an Amazon affiliate program

By Steve GolinThe WSJ’s Steve GolicThe WSJD’s Steve BohnThe WSJA’s Bjoern LoehmannThe WSJP’s Bijan NairThe WSJB’s Matt Roussel The WSJL’s Brian EganThe WSJC’s Brian BittelThe WSKD’s Brian J. McElroyThe WSLD’s Brien S. JohnsonThe WSLL’s Brian WiesenThe WSML’s Brian FrickeThe WSMO’s Brian R. KellyThe WSMP’s Brian D. LittThe WSNN’s Brian M. MillerThe WSNO’s Brian K. ZilckeTheWSNYC’sRead More

How to make digital marketing more effective

Digital marketing has taken off in recent years, with an explosion in the number of blogs and social media accounts. But to get a clearer picture of the scope of the challenge, the authors of the new Digital Marketing Resource guide look at how to make it work and what strategies to implement to maximize theRead More