How to create a viral content campaign that resonates with your audience

Digital marketing nytimes digital marketing,cPM,digital marketing,digital advertising,cmpn digital marketing article New research by digital marketing experts has shown that there are a number of ways you can create a digital marketing campaign that works with your existing audience.The research, conducted by the digital marketing industry trade association Digital Media News, has revealed that some strategiesRead More

When will we get the ‘digital-first’ cpm campaign?

The digital-first campaign, the idea that the CPM will be a more efficient and effective digital marketing tool, is a big win for consumers and consumers’ advocates. The digital-First Campaign, or DPC, is the campaign that will take a digital marketing strategy to the next level, says John Mather, CPM digital marketing manager. “We think digital isRead More

What’s next for ESPN digital?

Sarasota Digital has been working on a plan to monetize the ESPN digital experience.As part of the plan, ESPN will begin to sell content through ESPN-branded sites such as Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated, and in 2018, the company said on Wednesday.The plan will also allow ESPN to build its own digital platform that willRead More