Why the GOP’s campaign spending is so much more than the Democrats’

The GOP’s presidential nominee and presumptive Republican presidential nominee both spent nearly $1 million more than their Democratic rivals during the month of March, according to a report published Thursday by the nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonpartisan research group OpenSecrets.The report, “How Much Is the Democratic National Committee Spending on Its Presidential Candidates?,” found that Democratic candidateRead More

How to win a Blueberry Marketing Hackathon

You may have seen the headline of this article.Blueberries.It’s an all-time classic.It has been around since the 1960s.And for good reason.Blueberrys are delicious, nutritious, and super cheap.You can make them at home or for a few bucks a bag, and they can easily be sourced in the supermarket.But they also come with an array ofRead More

How to Build Your Own Blueberry Marketing Cloud Platform

The Blueberry marketing cloud platform is an incredibly powerful platform that allows you to scale and scale quickly.It allows you the flexibility to create custom dashboards for each customer.It lets you integrate analytics, marketing, analytics, and social media with ease.It even lets you build your own dashboard, like a dashboard of your own.But that’s justRead More