Google says it will be investing in digital marketing

Google’s new digital marketing arm will be based in California, and it plans to invest in a number of emerging digital markets, including mobile.The search giant announced in a blog post today that it will spend $1 billion over the next three years to help grow digital marketing.The company said the new digital program willRead More

How to use social media to win at the game of life

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the concept of “gamification” in social media marketing is changing how people engage with digital marketing.And that’s important because it means that when we want to drive revenue from our digital business, we need to understand exactly what we are doing and how it will translate intoRead More

“A4D’s Digital Marketing Director”

A4D Digital Marketing has a new digital marketing director, according to the company’s CEO and cofounder.A4d CEO Chris Kostecki shared the news on Twitter, where he shared a few photos of his new digital director and his responsibilities.A4d’s new Digital Marketing director is a former senior marketing director at digital agency L’Auberge.Kostecky added that theRead More

How to sell online with an Amazon affiliate program

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