How to sell your digital content to an Australian audience without making any money from it

Aussie online retailer Sarasota Digital has developed a unique way of selling digital content without making a profit. 

Sarasota’s online sales model has been developed in-house and has been adopted by more than 100 companies in Australia. 

“We have done the research and built a platform where we can be profitable,” Mr Scott says.

“We have built a business that is very, very competitive.

We’ve got people who want to sell digital content and we’ve got a great customer service team that wants to sell you digital content.” 

SARASOTA’s approach has been inspired by the Australian government’s Digital Transformation Program, which offers digital resources and training for businesses in digital transformation.

The Digital Transformation Plan also calls for digital content content to be made accessible to the public by 2020. 

The platform is also being used to develop an advertising platform for companies that want to make a digital advertising push. 

Digital sales can be very profitable for companies like SarasOTA and the Australian Government has been keen to help.

The digital platform has been used by Sarasotas, the Australian Government, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and The ABC, and is being used by more companies in the future. 

With a new digital platform and advertising platform under development, Sarasots sales are set to increase. 

For Mr Scott, the digital business is not just about selling digital products, it’s about creating a sustainable revenue stream.

“We’re not just selling digital to people.

We’re selling content to the Australian community,” he says. 

Mr Scott believes Sarasotics approach to digital sales can help businesses survive in the digital age. 

There are a lot of different platforms out there, but for many businesses, Sarassota’s approach is a way to help them grow and stay competitive.