Why the GOP needs to embrace digital marketing

Digital marketing is the future of media.

Digital advertising and social media are here to stay, and the Republican Party is moving toward embracing digital advertising.

This article is a compilation of my research into how the Republican party has embraced digital advertising, and why they should.


Republicans should embrace digital advertising Because digital advertising has changed the landscape of politics, it is the most viable way for the GOP to grow.

Digital media companies have access to a vast pool of data, data that has been developed to analyze political behavior and political data.

This data is valuable for candidates, and also for the campaigns and political parties.

The data helps to understand the needs and preferences of voters, and to provide insight into how campaigns are raising and spending money.

Digital marketers also have access, through a number of different platforms, to a wealth of data on political behavior.

This is critical to understanding the political landscape and how to best engage voters.


Republicans shouldn’t embrace digital ads unless they are doing their homework 1.

The GOP needs a digital strategy for 2016 Republicans need to be smart about what they do in digital advertising if they are going to be successful in the digital space.

The Republicans need a digital marketing strategy for the 2016 election.

In 2016, Republicans will need to develop a digital campaign strategy that is strategic, effective, and consistent with the party’s core values and beliefs.

Republicans must develop a strategy that combines digital advertising with social media and data to deliver the information, message, and message to voters that is critical for the party to win in 2016.


Republicans need an aggressive digital strategy The GOP should be aggressive in embracing digital marketing in 2016, and that strategy must be a strategy based on research and analytics that includes an emphasis on targeted outreach to voters and information that is relevant to the electorate.

The Republican digital strategy should include: targeting the electorate with targeted ads and digital content to reach their voters