Which of the five digital marketing workshops you should attend?

A digital marketing course is designed to help you master digital marketing techniques and concepts, while also learning how to navigate the world of social media.

Here’s what you need to know to choose the best one for your career.


Digital Marketing Workshop 1: The Basics Of Digital Marketing course source Alja English title The Basics of Digital Marketing workshop: What you need and what you should expect article The Basics is a digital marketing and social media training course that has been developed by the United States’ National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to help people develop a deeper understanding of digital marketing.

It teaches you how to: • Create, manage and analyze online content • Use social media platforms to connect with customers • Create and maintain a social media presence • Learn about online and offline tools • Identify and measure online trends • Use data to target advertising campaigns • Learn how to manage a social network.

The course is taught by NIST’s Digital Media Lab.


Digital Marketers Workshop 1 – Social Media: The New Digital World source Alji English title Digital marketers: the new digital world article Social media has transformed the way we interact with and communicate with our audiences.

This course provides a hands-on, hands-off, hands on approach to understanding social media and its role in the modern digital world.

Students will: • Build digital marketing platforms • Learn to integrate social media into their digital marketing strategy • Learn social media marketing techniques • Understand social media tools • Develop and share digital marketing strategies • Understand how social media can impact your business • Understand the different ways people use social media • Understand why they use social content • Learn more about social media, its impact on your business and its business.


Digital Entrepreneurship Workshop 1.

The Digital Entrepreneurial Manifesto and the Digital Economy – Part 1 article Alja, Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera World English are the official broadcasters of Al Jazeera’s English service in the UAE, where they have been for more than 10 years.

They are also known for producing their own Arabic language version of the program, and a series of short films.

Their new Digital Entrepreneuership Workshop is designed for people who are interested in entrepreneurship.

Topics covered include: • The digital economy • How to create an online business • The creation of a digital marketplace • The process of creating a business digital identity • The challenges of establishing a digital business • How technology can help your business succeed • How you can get a head start with business planning, hiring and tax.


Digital Business & Marketing Workshop 2.

The Business & Media: An Al Jazeera Digital Business Workshop article Al Jazeera Arabic and Al Jazirah Arabic are the Official State Radio of the UAE and the official news service of the country’s government.

Al Jazeera provides English language news and information, with special focus on the Arab world.

The content produced by Al Jazeera is produced independently, and is subject to editorial and other editorial control.

The main content produced for Al Jazeera by Al Jazeerah Arabic is available on Al Jazeera websites.

This digital business and marketing workshop focuses on the digital economy and the digital business sector.

Topics included in the Digital Business&Mt:MtM Workshop include:• How to set up your digital business• How digital entrepreneurs can start a business• What to look for in a digital entrepreneur• The importance of investing in a business that uses digital technologies• How a business can build a digital reputation• How you are a potential investor• How businesses can grow in the digital sector.


Digital Product Design Workshop 1 : A Digital Product Development and Marketing Course article Aljazeera English and Aljazira Arabic are both the official state news services of the United Arab Emirates.

They provide a range of Arabic-language news, commentary and analysis, with a focus on topics ranging from the global economy and security to social issues and health and education.

The courses content is produced by the Digital Product Management Department of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.

Topics discussed in the course include:Digital Product Design is an intensive and comprehensive digital product design course aimed at introducing students to the fundamentals of digital product development and marketing.

Topics include:Designing and developing digital products, and how to create and manage digital products.

Students are also introduced to digital products in the context of the digital marketplace and digital business.

This is the second edition of this course.

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