A4D to take over a4D marketing digital site

A4d has joined forces with digital marketing giant A4 Digital to form the A4ds.com and A4digital.com digital marketing platforms.

The A4s.com, which will be launched in early January, will be run by A4Digital’s managing director, Rob Wills, along with managing director at the digital company, Mark Dickey.

A4’s A4Ds.com will also be available as a free download, while A4DC will have a paid subscription option for A4 users.

The platform will feature the latest trends, top brands, best of events, and more.

“This is a massive opportunity for us to build on the momentum we’ve seen with A4, A4sd and A2, and we are delighted to be bringing these new platforms together,” said Rob Wicks.

“This is the culmination of years of hard work, collaboration and engagement between A4 and A3, and I am confident that our combined resources will provide A4 with a competitive advantage in the digital space.”

With A4.com launching in January, A3.com is also joining forces with A3 Digital, the digital arm of the American Apparel Group.


Com has been around since 2009 and has attracted a huge following on social media, with its own Instagram account and a dedicated social media platform for customers to comment on content.

A3 is also in talks to launch a brand new online store, and is in talks with a number of big names including Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and others.

A4 has also been building a strong brand reputation through its online marketing services, with more than 10 million customers.

While it is still early days for the new platform, the two companies are in good standing.

A3 and A1 have been working together for over a decade to build a platform that will bring brands together with consumers and partners.

With A4 being formed, the A3 team will be able to leverage the expertise of A4 to bring their expertise to A4 as well.

The A3 brand is already well known for being the leader in online shopping.

The A4 team will also gain access to the A1 team, who has been the core of the A2 digital platform for many years.

A1 also has a strong presence in the retail space, with a huge online presence and extensive e-commerce offerings.

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