Why the GOP’s campaign spending is so much more than the Democrats’

The GOP’s presidential nominee and presumptive Republican presidential nominee both spent nearly $1 million more than their Democratic rivals during the month of March, according to a report published Thursday by the nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonpartisan research group OpenSecrets.

The report, “How Much Is the Democratic National Committee Spending on Its Presidential Candidates?,” found that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders spent $2,955,921, while former Vice President Joe Biden spent $1,000,000.

The Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, spent $500,000 on his own campaign and spent $100,000 more on the DNC than his Democratic opponent.

The DNC did not respond to a request for comment.

The Democratic National Party has a relatively small staff compared to the Republican Party, with more than 2,700 staff and nearly 6,500 volunteers nationwide, according the report.

The party has also made an effort to expand the reach of its messaging and digital operations, including a massive digital outreach operation, the report found.