When will the ‘next’ version of Seo be released?

A new version of the popular Seo social network is on the horizon, as a new company called SeoDigital is developing a more modern version of its platform.

According to a blog post from the Seo Digital team, the new version will be ready for release by mid-2018. 

It’s a new version that will include features like offline functionality, which will allow people to keep their accounts open while they are offline, as well as a better search experience. 

As well as the new search feature, there will also be a new design for the social networking platform, which looks more modern than the previous one. 

Seo’s social network features include the Social, which allows you to create your own accounts and manage them, and the Instagram, which lets you share photos and videos with others. 

Currently, the ‘Social’ and ‘Instagram’ apps only allow for one-to-one chats. 

The company is looking to expand the ‘Insta’ feature to include groups, so people can create their own groups, too. 

‘The new design features more modern design and more powerful features,’ the blog post states. 

There’s a whole new social experience for you to discover and engage with, as the Seotap social app now allows you more options than ever before, such as video, audio, photo and GIF sharing, the blog states.

The new version will also have a new ‘Instachoice’ feature that allows people to post videos of themselves doing things in real time, such a taking a photo or making a face. 

And it looks like the company will also roll out new ‘Community’ features to its ‘Social Network’, as well. 

In the coming weeks, the Seotap team plans to roll out a new feature called ‘Live Chat’ that will let users ‘talk’ with each other. 

When you use the new Seo app, you’ll be able to ask questions on the site or ask other users for help with any problem, the company states.

You can find out more about the ‘new’ version at Seo.com.