Pay: The ‘Digital Marketing Salary’ for Cincinnati’s Digital Marketing Salary

A digital marketing job in Cincinnati is $25,000 a year, according to salary data provided by a company that specializes in data analytics.

The job is paid by the company, and if you have a bachelor’s degree, you’ll make more than $100,000.

The data comes from the firm’s Digital Salary survey, which is conducted through its job board, and has a sample of over 10,000 Cincinnati employees who are looking for digital marketing jobs.

The median salary for a digital marketing manager is $35,000, according the data.

The median Cincinnati digital marketing position is at Digital Media and Digital Media Services, a digital media company that manages digital advertising for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The company is also responsible for digital content marketing, the company said.

The Cincinnati digital media job board has over 2,000 job postings for digital and content marketing professionals.

A job listing for a software developer who will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining websites for Cincinnati is available for $37,500.

That job requires a bachelor of science in computer science and is part of a six-month contract.

Digital Media said it will hire a full-time digital marketing employee for Cincinnati this summer.