Which software platform is the best for digital marketing?

The digital marketing community has been split over which platform is best for a long time, but we’re seeing the split widen, with a new poll from the Pew Research Center showing that respondents prefer using a mobile app or website to a desktop application.

The poll found that 76% of respondents say that the mobile app is the better choice for their digital marketing needs, and 73% prefer using mobile for content marketing.

The same survey also found that 74% of consumers use mobile apps to manage their digital assets, and 56% of them use them to manage the content of their content.

A majority of respondents also said they use mobile for managing content marketing for their company, while 59% of those surveyed said they used mobile to manage content for their business.

This suggests that there are some companies who are using the platform for content management but also for the content marketing of their company.

But if the survey’s findings are any indication, this survey is still a very early poll.

It also found the same results for the respondents who use an app for managing their digital asset and the respondents for the people who use a website.

The app-based respondents tend to be more engaged and are more likely to have been paying for the product or service themselves.

In fact, the app-using respondents were more likely than those who used a website to have completed a project.

Interestingly, the survey found that people who are more familiar with mobile app use tend to also be more likely not to have purchased a product or other digital service from the platform.

This is probably because they tend to see it as a cheaper way to manage and track digital assets.

So, while people who don’t know a thing about mobile app usage are more interested in the app and less likely to purchase products or services from the platforms, the respondents using the websites are more engaged with the platform and more likely also to be paying for content. 

This is interesting because we know that a lot of people who would prefer a website or a mobile application for managing digital assets are also not using a website, or mobile app, or a third-party app for content, according to a report from Google.

According to a survey conducted by the firm, only 35% of people use a web-based platform to manage digital assets and 25% of the people surveyed use an application.

For the survey, Google found that only 37% of all Americans are familiar with the concept of digital asset management and that only 34% of U.S. consumers are familiar or at least familiar with using a platform to track digital content.

In other words, a lot more people are using a third party app to manage some digital assets than they are using their own website or mobile application.

However, if you look at this survey, you see that the people using an app are more satisfied with the service they are getting.

And this is likely because they are more confident in their service, as well as the overall quality of the service.

This could be because the app is a more trusted option than the website, and the app users are more experienced in using the app.

It is also possible that the app usage rate for the platform is higher than the number of users using the website.

However we’ll have to wait and see if this trend holds up in a broader poll. 

What about content marketing?

This poll also found more positive attitudes towards content marketing on the platform, and that was the case for the audience as well.

As previously reported, 76% people who used content marketing said that it is the platform they want to use for digital asset marketing, and 72% of this group said they are satisfied with how content is being managed.

The audience was also split on whether they are interested in using content marketing to build a brand. 

For the content marketers, the answer is no, and while 73% of audience said that they are in favor of content marketing, only 30% said they would consider using content to build their brand.

The survey also shows that 65% of audiences said they were not familiar with a platform for managing media assets, but that is not surprising, as many people don’t even know what the term “media assets” even means.

For those who use the platform to monitor content, the results were slightly better, with 68% of content marketers saying they are familiar and 33% saying they would be interested in checking out a platform that allows them to track media assets.

For other platforms, 65% people said they have used the platform successfully and 43% said that the platform helped them grow their business, but the exact percentages for this were not statistically significant. 

The survey also asked respondents about the best apps to use when it comes to managing digital marketing.

Only 26% of digital marketing users said that a platform like Pinterest was the best app for their needs, while 34% said it was Slack, and 30% of users said it is Pinterest.

However this is not a surprising result given that Pinterest is the most popular app for