New software helps businesses and individuals save money online

By Brian LaitinenPublished November 09, 2018 08:00:00NEW YORK — Digital marketers are increasingly using tools like Automated Insights to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, according to a new report.

The software, which was developed by a company called Digital Marketing Solutions, allows companies to measure how well they’re marketing online and analyze trends and performance to help them optimize the next time.

The company, which also specializes in customer acquisition, marketing and customer service, says it offers more than 15,000 businesses the tools.

It also provides free support to help customers, including software updates, bug fixes and technical support.

Digital Marketing Solutions says its automated insights measure the average number of clicks, visits and revenue generated by a business.

For example, the company tracks how often a company’s ad is clicked, whether it’s generating revenue from mobile ads and how many times it has been displayed on websites.

Digital marketing teams have also started to utilize the software to track and improve their performance.

The study shows that the average time it takes to generate a click on a website has dropped by about 30 percent, from a low of about 15 seconds in 2014 to 15 seconds now.

Digital marketers are also seeing a reduction in the time they spend on websites, as well as how many hours they spend looking at websites and on mobile apps.

Digital Advertising Report Executive Director John Kocur said the data is encouraging for companies that have been struggling to make money online.

“There is a sense that people are beginning to recognize that online advertising is not going to be sustainable for a long time,” he said.

“We have to get more engaged in the digital advertising ecosystem.”

The report also found that businesses that have a mobile app or website are spending less time online than those that don’t.

Digital Marketing Services has partnered with Google to help advertisers improve their digital strategy.