Digital marketing professional offers to buy a house

Digital marketing professionals are now offering to buy the home of a customer who has made them a $100,000 referral. 

The offer was made on Reddit by user /u/saradon_t , who offered to buy her house for $5,000 after he had made a $150,000 dollar referral.

The house, which was listed for $4.6 million, was previously on the market for $1.8 million. 

Mr Saradon said he was selling it after being approached by a customer in a similar situation.

“This house is in need of a renovation and the current owner is not willing to make the necessary payments, so I’m selling it on the condition that I get the funds,” he said. 

“I’m hoping to make a profit on this purchase, so the payment is just a matter of getting the house up and running.”

Mr Saracen said the house had been bought with money from his previous business, which he said was based in New Zealand, and the renovation would include new carpets and furniture.

“I will do everything I can to make sure this home is up to scratch for the next owner,” he added. 

Digital marketing specialist Mark Bowerman has been offered the house as a house in Melbourne.

He said he had previously offered to sell his own home, which had sold for $2.5 million.

“It’s a nice home and a nice place to live, so it’s just about time I got the house back on track,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“My wife and I were looking to move from the country to Melbourne and I wanted to do it the right way, so when we were offered the opportunity to buy this house, I couldn’t turn it down.” 

Mr Bowermann said he did not know the current owners of the house and could not say whether they were still in the house’s care.

“We can’t say much about the current ownership as we’re not allowed to say much at this stage,” he explained. 

SARADON T SAYS HE’S GOT THE HOUSE BACK ON TRACK Mr Gavilan Saracena, who is based in Sydney, is offering to sell the house for a profit after being offered the money. 

He told the ABC he had received more than $5 million in digital marketing leads.

“People want to go to great lengths to reach a new client, so what’s stopping you from doing that?”

I’ve had a number of offers in the last couple of weeks that I’ve been looking at, but I’ve always had a bit of a reluctance to offer the house.

“When you’re getting your head around the digital marketing industry, you can’t do anything to stop that.”

You can’t just say, ‘I’ll give it up, I’ll sell it, I don’t need it anymore’.” He said the average cost of buying a house was around $4 million and there were some who would not be able to afford it. 

It was not the first time Mr Saraceni had made an offer.”

In 2014 I was offered a $1 million house in Brisbane,” he revealed.”

The house was worth a lot more and I said ‘no thanks, it’s a little bit expensive’.

“I went back and got another house and that was a $3 million house.”

Mr Gahilan said he wanted to get his new home up and operating by 2020.

“What I want to do is to buy my own house, build a business, then I’m going to be in the workforce by 2020,” he joked.