How to avoid being burned by the tech bubble

Digital marketing and advertising jobs in the U.S. have been on a tear, but a new survey finds that millennials are turning to digital marketing to fill the void.

A new report by digital marketing and recruiting firm Digital Marketing Insights, titled “How to avoid burnout and get hired,” shows that the millennial job market is “an ever-changing mix of both traditional and emerging markets.”

The millennial job search for digital marketing has been growing since 2012, according to the report, which tracks job seekers across industries and occupations.

“Young people in the millennial generation have been seeking opportunities to engage in digital marketing, but as of 2017, they were the least likely generation to engage with digital marketing in the same way that they have with traditional job opportunities,” Digital Marketing Insider wrote.

“As this generation has experienced an increase in the amount of digital marketing they have engaged in, it is important to consider the potential burnout that might be associated with digital.”

The survey also found that millennials have increasingly turned to social media and other social media to find jobs.

The report found that millennial job seekers are using social media, as well as traditional job postings, to reach out to potential employers.

While the millennial market is more fragmented than previous generations, the report found millennial jobseekers have more connections to employers and more employers than any other generation.

The millennial market also has a much lower attrition rate than the baby boomers or millennials.

According to the study, millennials are about three times more likely to be laid off in the next 12 months than the rest of the workforce.

“While this is a good thing, it may not translate into a longer-term career,” the report states.

“As a millennial, it has been hard to get ahead and has taken a toll on relationships, family, and friends.

There are some signs that millennials may be reaching out for job opportunities but that the economy is starting to slow down.

This could be the right time for the millennial population to consider finding jobs.”

The study did not include millennials’ social media use, which is not covered in the report.