Coop Digital Media to be acquired by Mediaworks

Digital marketing blog CoopDigitalMedia has been acquired by DigitalMedia Group for a reported €15m.

The acquisition includes the digital marketing company’s existing brands, including the Coop website, and its digital properties including Coop Magazine and Coop Social.

The company will also continue to operate its digital assets in Ireland.

DigitalMedia will continue to manage its digital content for the Cooper Group and other media outlets.

The acquisition is subject to approval from the Irish regulatory authorities.

Coop digital media was founded in 2014.

Coooperative Digital Media, founded in 2011, has a range of digital products and services, including online video, ecommerce and online shopping.

CoOP Digital Media’s business model includes a portfolio of digital services including Cooper Online, Coop Podcasts, Cooop Magazine, Co-op Online and Coooper Social.

CoCoop Digital is the co-founder and chairman of CoopOnline, which is the digital publisher of the Coopers Group’s weekly newsletter Coop.

Online and CoCooperSocial, which are co-branded products that Coop has launched in partnership with digital publishers including Vice Media.

Coop is the world’s leading online shopping portal, offering an unbeatable selection of products, including everything from groceries to clothes and home decor, to help customers shop online and save money.