How to make digital marketing more effective

Digital marketing has taken off in recent years, with an explosion in the number of blogs and social media accounts. 

But to get a clearer picture of the scope of the challenge, the authors of the new Digital Marketing Resource guide look at how to make it work and what strategies to implement to maximize the potential.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.1. 

How to manage your content for the best resultsYou want to create a comprehensive, easy-to-use digital marketing guide to help you understand how to effectively use your digital marketing tools.

You can use it to: 1.

Get a clear picture of your target audience and what’s most important to them. 


Understand how to deliver the best value for your customers. 


Make sure you’re keeping track of all the relevant digital marketing tactics and metrics. 


Determine which campaigns are most effective for your audience. 


Get feedback from your team and customers to help make your strategy better. 


Build an integrated digital marketing strategy that’s optimized for your specific needs and target audience. 

 The guide has been designed to help marketers build the best digital marketing plan for them.

It’s the first step in a comprehensive digital marketing journey. 

The author of the guide, Michael F. Haney, is a senior strategist at PPP. 

He says that the guide is designed to be useful for marketers who have a range of digital marketing strategies, but that they are also interested in understanding what’s driving the growth of digital campaigns. 

Haney says the guide gives marketers a clear sense of what to look for, what to avoid and what to focus on when they do find out about what’s going on. 

“If you’ve been following the growth story of digital for a while, you might have seen that digital is in fact growing at a rate faster than traditional media,” he says.

“That’s because digital is gaining more audience than traditional, traditional media.” 

Handy tips: “Make sure you can’t make mistakes when you do digital marketing”Haney stresses that the strategy should be effective in the short term, but should also be successful in the long term.

“If we’re going to achieve a long-term goal, we have to focus our efforts in the right direction,” he adds.

“In the short-term, you can do well with something that’s working well in the first few months.

In the long-run, you’re probably going to have a bigger success if you invest a lot more time in it.” 

You can read the full guide on PPP here. 

Digital marketing resources (PDF)