The digital advertising industry is facing a serious downturn

More than 70% of the ad dollars spent online by marketers are being redirected to mobile and social.

The industry is also facing a severe shortage of digital content creators.

The National Association of Broadcasters is asking the Federal Communications Commission to establish an independent, multistate agency to oversee digital advertising.

It wants the agency to be headed by a veteran of the agency, as well as an expert in digital advertising, and to oversee a comprehensive look at the issues facing the industry.

Industry groups are also calling for a more efficient and diverse agency to regulate the ad industry.

The association is asking a bipartisan group of senators to include the ad content industry in the commission’s upcoming reauthorization.

But the ad business is facing an unprecedented wave of competition from the internet.

The companies behind social and mobile ads are also competing for users’ attention and advertising dollars.

They are also pushing back against the notion that the ad market is broken.

The ad industry is in desperate need of new and better tools to drive more revenue to its business.

They also need a federal agency that can be trusted with the data to make decisions on their behalf.

The digital advertising business is in a deep financial crisis.

It needs a permanent, independent agency to do its job.

But the ad-funded digital media industry needs a stable, reliable source of funding to keep going.

That’s why this bipartisan group is calling for an independent agency headed by someone who has a proven track record in the field.