How to buy the perfect mobile game in India

An Indian startup is trying to help its users create great mobile games. 

Its been dubbed The Mobile Game Crafter, and it has raised $6 million from venture capital firm Aabre Capital.

The company, which has so far raised $15 million, is focused on the creation of a digital marketplace for mobile games, in a way similar to how you shop online.

It is aimed at creating a community of like-minded game developers and publishers, and giving them a way to connect directly with consumers.

“We want to help game developers create games that have a huge impact on the world,” said Rahul Kapoor, co-founder of the company, in an interview with CNN Money.

“We are trying to give the community of game developers a way in, because it will make their work more accessible and accessible to everyone.”

Kapoor, who also leads an IT team at the startup, told CNN Money that its goal is to help developers create great games, but the real challenge is the community it is creating.

“The big challenge is to build a community,” he said.

“I am hoping to get 50-100 developers into the community, so that we can start making more great games.”

The first game that Kapoor and his team are working on is the game called The Adventure Game, which is a multiplayer online first-person shooter game.

The game is set in a world that is completely based on real-world locations.

Kapoor said it was inspired by the idea of playing an RPG on a tablet, but in a mobile environment.

“When I was looking at the game, I thought, ‘This is not a game that can be played on a mobile device,'” he said, adding that his team is already using the Android platform to develop the game.

The Adventure Game is being built with Unity, a mobile game engine.

But it is also built with Unreal Engine 4, an open-source game engine that offers a rich set of features that can include procedural generation, rendering, physics, and much more.

The game is already live, and Kapoor expects that its release will come very soon.

He said that The Adventure, like other games on the marketplace, will be available on all major platforms, and that developers will be able to distribute it to their players as they see fit.

“It is very easy to make a mobile app for this game,” he added. 

However, The Adventure is not just another game, Kapoor added.

“Our mission is to make it as accessible as possible,” he told CNN.

The platform also has a focus on mobile gaming, and its team has developed a mobile gaming client called The IndieMobile that allows developers to create and distribute their own mobile games for free.

This way, developers can have a much wider distribution of their games, and they are able to target a much larger audience.

Kapur said that he hopes that The Indie Mobile will help developers reach a much broader audience. 

In addition to the game development platform, The Indie has partnered with three other game development companies in India to launch their own apps for mobile gaming: Gameloft, GameTap and GoGoGo.

The Indie’s website says that its app platform offers an app-like interface, which lets users create and publish games, which are distributed through a cloud-based service.

The Indie mobile app will be free for all developers, and the app itself will cost around $10.

It will be the first app to allow developers to sell games directly to consumers.

In its first quarter of operations, The Independent said it had earned $2 million from revenue from its app marketplace and app store, and $3 million from its game development business.

The app store has so many paid games that Kapur estimates that it will generate $15-20 million a month.

Kapurtos team hopes to add 100 paid games per month by the end of the first quarter, which he said will bring in $40 million by the second quarter. 

Kapur also revealed that the company has plans to make money from its gaming business, but that the revenue streams are very different from other app businesses.

“Games will be more about revenue,” he stated.

“That’s what we are looking for in this business.”

The Indie has launched the app for both Android and iOS, and will also launch a gaming mobile app with Facebook, which will allow developers and consumers to interact with one another on Facebook.

Kapurtos plans to have a team of 200 people working in India, and he expects that it can be profitable within a few years. 

“We are already doing a lot of things that are going to help our players to be more active on Facebook,” he assured.

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