‘The most dangerous game’ for scorpion online: ‘This is the most dangerous time for scorpions in North Carolina’

The most dangerous scorpion in North America is now in the market, and its popularity is skyrocketing, says scorpion expert Michael A. Beaumont.

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is reporting an increase in the number of scorpions found in the state.

The agency also reports a rise in the amount of scorpion bait purchased.

The state is also seeing a spike in people buying the bait, which can make for a dangerous game, said A.J. Mathers, the state’s public health officer.

Matherings said scorpions are known to have a habit of coming out of tunnels and hiding in trees.

When you walk into the dark, it’s almost like being in a zoo or zoo-like environment.

It’s almost impossible to get your hands on it because it’s so hidden, he said.

Mathers said that even though scorpions do not have venom, they can still cause injuries and death to humans.

He said that scorpions can cause injuries to people when they bite through skin, or when they dig a small hole and then come out and bite people.

He also said that people can become infected when they eat scorpions.

Mills said the more scorpions we see, the more people will purchase the bait.

He said scorpion hunters should know to keep an eye out for the poisonous snake when they see it in the woods.