Which players will get their big-name jerseys?

By Andrew BrandtESPN Staff | Apr 16, 2019 12:16:16The NFL is set to unveil its 2018 roster on Thursday.

Some players have been getting their first crack at wearing their first NFL jersey this season.

Let’s take a look at the players who will get the opportunity to wear the new look.1.

WR Dez BryantDez Bryant, Dallas CowboysWide receiver Dez is getting the chance to wear a new jersey in 2018.

Bryant had a breakout season in 2016 and will be looking to make another jump next season.

The former No. 2 overall pick will wear the No. 21 jersey.2.

LB DeMarcus WareThe reigning Defensive Player of the Year will get a chance to show off his new jersey this year, as he will wear No. 30 in a special jersey that will only be available for one week only.

Ware will be wearing a No. 27 jersey for the first time in his career.3.

CB Antonio CromartieAntonio Cromarties new jersey will be available to all NFL fans in 2018, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

Cromartia will wear a jersey for just one week, but the Cowboys are planning to wear it for the entirety of the 2018 season.4.

TE Jason WittenJason Witten, Dallas CowboyThe Cowboys have long been a fan of Witten’s versatility, but his jersey will become a big deal for the new year.

The team is currently preparing to wear Witten on special jerseys for the remainder of the season.5.

CB Ronald DarbyThe former All-Pro defensive end is going to get a shot to prove himself with a new uniform, according a source close to the situation.

Darby will wear his new uniform on special teams, as the Cowboys will wear it exclusively for the week of training camp.6.

DT Brandon GrahamThe former defensive tackle is going for the big bucks with a red, white and blue jersey.

Graham is also expected to wear his jersey exclusively for training camp and the entire season.7.

CB Tramon WilliamsTramon Williams, San Francisco 49ersTramon will wear another jersey, but this one will only show up for one-week only.

The 49ers will wear Williams on special jersey, which is not a new idea for the 49ers.8.

DT Robert AyersThe former Pro Bowler will be getting his first shot at a new helmet this season, according the team.

Ayers will also wear a No 30 jersey, the same jersey he wore in 2017.9.

WR Kenny BrittKenny Britt, Jacksonville JaguarsThe Jaguars will wear Britt on special helmets, which will only allow fans to see it for one day.

Britt will be a part of the jersey for one game, but fans will be able to see him wearing the No 20 jersey.10.

LB Joe StaleyJoe Staley, San Diego ChargersThe Chargers have worn Staley on special helmet for the past two seasons.

Staley will also be getting a chance on special No. 31 jerseys, which are available for only one week.11.

WR Michael CrabtreeMichael Crabtree, Washington RedskinsThe former Raider will get his first chance at wearing a special helmet this year.

Crabtree will be playing in a helmet for only 10 days, and fans will only get a glimpse of him wearing his jersey for a short period of time.12.

WR Brandon MarshallBrandon Marshall, Tampa Bay BuccaneersThe former Buccaneers wide receiver is also getting a shot at wearing the new helmet.

Marshall will wear only one special helmet.

The Bucs will wear Marshall on special uniforms, which allow fans only to see his helmet for one time.13.

TE Julius ThomasJulius Thomas, New York GiantsThe Giants will wear Thomas on special uniform, which can only be worn for one practice.

Thomas will be on a special No 29 jersey, also only available for the team for one workout.14.

DE DeMarcus LawrenceThe former first-round pick will get to prove his worth on special, uniform-only jerseys.

Lawrence will be sporting a No 29 uniform, the first of many special helmets to be released this season for the New York Jets.15.

WR Rashad JenningsRashad Jennings, Atlanta FalconsThe former Falcons tight end will be the first player to wear one of the special No 28 jerseys, a uniform exclusive to the Falcons.

Jennings will also get a special uniform to wear on special games, which only allows fans to look at him wearing a jersey with a specific number on it.16.

RB Mike DavisMike Davis, San Antonio SpursDavis will wear special helmets for the majority of the regular season, but will be in a limited-edition jersey for only two games in 2018 with special No 31 jerseys available for all.17.

LB Dontari PoeDontari Jones, Dallas MavericksThe former Cowboys linebacker will be taking his first look at special helmets this year as well, according ESPN Insider Adam Schefter.

Jones will be making his first uniform appearance