Why are the tech giants so invested in digital advertising?

A new report from the Digital Advertising Alliance says that the tech companies have a huge incentive to promote digital ads on their own sites and platforms.

The group says that online ads are the largest revenue source for publishers in terms of ad revenue.

The report, which analyzes advertising metrics from Google and Facebook, says that advertisers will spend an average of $11 billion in digital ads by 2020.

That’s nearly a third of all online advertising revenues.

That would make digital advertising the second largest revenue driver for the tech industry behind traditional TV advertising, which is about $20 billion per year.

But that doesn’t include the $1.4 trillion that advertisers are spending to buy online ads.

Digital advertising is growing rapidly, with Google advertising more than $300 billion in 2018.

In addition to ad revenue, advertisers can also use digital advertising to target their audiences with targeted ads, the report says.

Facebook and Google’s ad spending is $100 billion, or more than half of total digital ad spending.

Digital ad spending on mobile is also increasing, according to the report, with a projected $3.4 billion increase in 2019.

The companies’ interest in digital ad sales is largely due to the increasing number of advertisers who will spend their advertising on mobile devices.

And the companies have been buying up smaller publishers like Buzzfeed and Vox, which have grown in the past year or two, and they are building new ad properties like the Vox Political website.