Why the ‘Biggest’ Brands Aren’t as Successful as They Used to be

The biggest winners of the digital marketing revolution are the big names that are getting a new lease of life.

The companies that are taking the biggest hits from the shift in digital marketing are those that are making money, while those that aren’t, are treading water, according to a report by research firm Technomic.

The firm said that the biggest winners are the ones that are not focusing on digital marketing but on making money.

Digital marketers can be divided into two camps: those who are still focusing on selling their content and those who aren’t.

The former are often referred to as “content marketers,” while the latter are referred to simply as “retailers,” according to Technomic, which tracks the industry.

This is a key distinction as digital marketers are increasingly competing with traditional businesses and the traditional media companies for consumers’ attention.

This week, Facebook announced that it will open up its social network to more retailers in India, making it easier for consumers to purchase content and services through the platform.

The move was met with an outpouring of praise by the media and digital marketing industries, who praised Facebook’s move.

However, there was a catch.

While this move may bring more content to Indian audiences, the move will also create a new class of competitors, says Raghuram Ravi, managing director and chief operating officer of marketing consultancy Zomato.

The only way to survive in this new digital marketplace is to make money, he adds.

While some retailers will likely benefit from this change, the big winners will likely be those who don’t want to make the move.

This includes big brands like PepsiCo, PepsiCo India and Coca-Cola.

Ravi said this is due to the fact that these companies have spent years in the digital space and they haven’t been able to make profits on it.

“Retailers are spending a lot of time and money on digital, but they are not profitable,” he said.

“If they invest in digital and fail, then that’s their problem.

They can’t make any money out of it.”

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